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Like the city itself, Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL) continues to gain what seems to be infinite popularity, drawing locals and tourists alike. While most know it's an epic 2 weekend salute to music, a few quirky facts that are not so well known are are:

  • ACL Festival is based off of a PBS TV show, ACL Live. ACL Live still airs today!

  • Willie Nelson was the first artist featured on ACL Live in 1974!

  • ACL Festival began as the brainchild of 2 friends named Charlie (one of which owns Stubb’s!)

  • The same company that produces ACL Festival also produces Lollapalooza, C3. In fact, Lollapalooza was almost cancelled until C3 got ahold of it and changed the format to mimic that of ACL: a weekend-long, outdoor festival in a heart-of-the-city park.

  • Over a quarter of a million people will head to Zilker Park this weekend for the festival!

See you out there again this weekend!


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We are excited to announce our guide of the Month for September is one of our seasoned ATC veterans --Lauren Poston!

Between finishing her fourth degree and dominating on the dodge ball court, Lauren enjoys working with ATC on the weekends for a nice break from her normal 7-4 job. She says being a guide allows her to see parts of Austin that she hasn't been able to explore, and meet so many people.

Lauren's favorite ATC experience is the Deep Eddy experience, which creates what Lauren calls the perfect "Sunday Funday." She loves meeting new people and showing everyone a good time in the city we all love.

When Lauren isn't busy working, her perfect day in Austin would consist of a nice morning bike ride and an afternoon lounging and hanging with friends at one of the many beautiful water spots around town. And to top off her perfect day, you can find her munching on some Bistec "Los Famosos" from El Taquito, and sipping on...

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Our Guide of the Month for July is a newcomer to the ATC family - Kelly Boyles! Kelly discovered ATC by attending our Best of the City Experience with Austin Monthly back in January. As we explored local venues and sipped on craft beers all day, she realized that she could be sharing her love of Austin with others through these experiences. Kelly reached out to us after the experience and the rest is history.

Kelly is full of local knowledge and shares that through the events she runs for ATC including the Deep Eddy Vodka Distillery Experience, The Fun Things Experience with Austin Monthly, Bat Tuesday Cruises and our Secret Bar Crawl. Her favorite ATC experience is The Fun Things Experience with Austin Monthly. Specifically, the Food...

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We're so excited to kick off our Guide of the Month appreciation series! At ATC we have a great community of local experience guides that show our guests how to fully experience Austin.

This month's experience guide is an ATC OG - Mario Robles. Mario has been with ATC for almost two years. He's worked a range of dynamic experiences and events with us including Dripping Springs brewery tours, Bat Cruises on Lady Bird Lake, SXSW, X Games, Sound on Sound Fest, Austin Monthly cover collaboration events, private corporate events and bi-lingual city tours. Mario is a dynamic employee who is able to lead any event with the most fun, professional attitude.

Mario's favorite ATC experience is the Libations Trail Ride. The Libations Trail Ride leaves from Downtown Austin every Saturday and takes guests down the winding Fitzhugh Road in Dripping Springs, TX. Guests spend the day sipping on craft cocktails and spirits while Mario gives them all the insider need-to-know information. "I enjoy that it is one...


Experience Austin as a local (or with locals) on one of many upcoming summer experiences with Austin Tour Company! From River Floats to Bat Cruises and Bar Crawls - there is something for everyone to do across the city limits.

$55 per person

We're teaming up with Austin Monthly to bring their 101 Fun Things of Summer issue to life. Get off the couch and come experience what makes Austin so unique on a customized weekend experience! Tickets include transportation, 4 surprise stops and complimentary food/beverage.

Starting at $49 per person

The best season of the year has arrived - floating season! Come float the San...


There’s a lot of pressure that comes with choosing a state flower - for Texas this was no exception. Over a 100 years ago, lawmakers were faced with this decision and there were a few options in the running - the cactus, the cotton boll and the bluebonnet. We all know how the story ends, but what you may not know is that women were actually the only ones in favor of the bluebonnet. It is said that the men only agreed on the bluebonnet to keep the women happy; and we’re delighted they did.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and our state flower is doing its best to live up to those expectations. Technically, we have six because there are several species of bluebonnets. To brag on our great state even further, the two prominent species of bluebonnets are only naturally found in Texas and nowhere else in the world!

Shortly after the bluebonnet became Texas’ state flower, the Texas Department of Transportation noticed that bluebonnets were among the first vegetation to appear along the roadside, so they decided to maintain them. Maintaining the flowers became of...


Bats have inhabited Austin since the beginning of the city in 1839; however, people haven’t always been welcome to them. In fact, in the mid 1980s the city actually petitioned to have them eradicated completely. The Congress Avenue Bridge renovation in 1980 created a wider deck, bigger piers, and narrower steel beams with cracks and crevices - perfect for a bat colony. By 1984 the colony grew to roughly 750,000 bats. The huge spike in the bat population created a fear of rabies, and a public health crisis ensued forcing the city to consider filling in all the cracks and crevices to prevent bat roosts from forming.

In 1985, Bat Conservation International had become aware of Austin’s bat problem, and in an effort to save the colony, relocated its headquarters to Austin, Texas. Bat Conservation International launched educational campaigns about the benefits of bats for eating mosquitos and other pests, and their low occurrences of rabies. Shortly after their arrival, the city had changed its mind about bats and began to...


What you need to know about craft cocktails and why you should be drinking them.

After Prohibition, there was a rise in big corporate entities and artisan spirits quickly disappeared, along with recipes, bartenders, and bar techniques. However, beginning in the early 90’s, the creation of cocktails became a craft. Bartenders emerged as artists and began experimenting and adding passion and skill to make some creative drinks. Craft cocktails are not a fad, they are the direction of where the alcohol status quo is headed, and they are not going anywhere.

So why should you indulge in a fancy craft cocktail?

  1. Craft cocktails use fresh ingredients. Homemade mixers, proper ice, and premium liquors. The result? A delicious, fresh, and flavorful beverage specially crafted for you.

  2. Knowledge is power. There is nothing better than ordering a unique drink that no one has ever heard of. Not only does a unique cocktail start up a conversation, but it’s also impressive to...


Street art, according to experts, is believed to have started in New York in the 1960s. It didn’t take long to find its way all over the world. Austin has always been able to keep that creative outlet alive. When street art came to the city, a new sense of enchantment poured throughout the streets. Around every corner, down every alley, and behind every door there is something worth discovering - because even in the smallest of details – Austin keeps it interesting.

People enjoy art for many reasons, particularly because Austin’s street art is vibrant, diverse, creative, and sometimes a little weird. That “weirdness” represents the city and the people who inhabit it. Every new mural further reinforces that Austin plays by it’s own rules. The city embraces art – enjoying it is a way of bringing people together.

Hop aboard a unique street art experience with us to share your love for Austin, your love for art, your love for your BF and BFF’s – or anyone you care about. Explore some of the most treasured street art in Austin, discover something new, and who knows -...


Press pause on busy city life for a moment and hop aboard our Libations Trail Ride as we drive down the booziest road in Central Texas - Fitzhugh Road in Dripping Springs. Here we will experience some of the Texas Hill Country’s most unique breweries and distilleries.

It’s only fitting that your first stop is at Jester King Brewery — the Libations Trail pioneer. Their large, spread out landscape alone is a hill country must see. The outside is scattered with picnic tables, lights strung throughout the trees and families with their dogs strolling around the grounds. As you approach the entry, a friendly staff member greets you and hands you their incredibly detailed tasting room menu. Through clear, sunny skies you are free to venture to the outdoor bar or inside to the tasting room where you can try over 60 craft beers. The Figlet was a favorite among our trail riders. Once you pick your favorite brew, walk down the cobblestone steps and let your nose guide...