Secret Bar Experience

What you need to know about craft cocktails and why you should be drinking them.

After Prohibition, there was a rise in big corporate entities and artisan spirits quickly disappeared, along with recipes, bartenders, and bar techniques. However, beginning in the early 90’s, the creation of cocktails became a craft. Bartenders emerged as artists and began experimenting and adding passion and skill to make some creative drinks. Craft cocktails are not a fad, they are the direction of where the alcohol status quo is headed, and they are not going anywhere.

So why should you indulge in a fancy craft cocktail?

  1. Craft cocktails use fresh ingredients. Homemade mixers, proper ice, and premium liquors. The result? A delicious, fresh, and flavorful beverage specially crafted for you.

  2. Knowledge is power. There is nothing better than ordering a unique drink that no one has ever heard of. Not only does a unique cocktail start up a conversation, but it’s also impressive to onlookers.

  3. Aesthetics matter. Craft cocktails look as delicious as they taste.

  4. There is a story behind them. Each one has a history behind it, and the classics are always appreciated and interesting.

Experience some of Austin’s best kept secret bars and sample some of the best craft cocktails offered in Texas on our Secret Bar Experience. You will learn enough to be a craft cocktail connoisseur and may find your new signature drink. Spots are filling up quickly, so reserve now!

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